Music 4 the Def – DD Episode 12: Audible Orgasm (ELECTRO MIX)

Yes yes y’all and all that good stuff. Now I know I usually wait for the weekend to put out a mix but this weeks mix is an exception. Its my second attempt at electro….Ive been dabbling with electro since I put out the first mix a couple of weeks ago (Phat Swazy Electro Mix #1), I had to find the right balence for my style; either way I hope you all enjoy…so until next week this is Phat Swazy ….be here, same Phat time, same Phat channel

Dirrty Dancin’ – Episode 12 – Audible Orgasm


  1. Sebastien vs Lady Sovereign – Walkman vs Love Me or Hate Me
  2. Justice – Genesis (Chewy Chocolate Cookies mix)
  3. Scissor Sisters – Don’t feel like Dancing (Teenage Bad Girl remix)
  4. Darmstadt – It Has Been Said (Boys Noize Mix)
  5. Trash Yourself – Song 2 (Blur Remode)
  6. SHAZAM – Pool Party
  7. Muscles – Sweaty (Shazam remix)
  8. DVAS – Ambient Room (SymbolOne Remix)
  9. MSTRKRFT – Vuvuvu
  10. John Legend & Andre 3000 – Green light (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Link to Podcast page  -> Phat Swazy Site

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