Another weekend, another Phat Mix …smile my friends Friday is here

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the Electro mix last week, I was so stoked about it that i pushed it out Wednesday night, or rather Thursday morning around 1am….Anyways that was that, and if your feeling my Electro mixes (and if you are lemme hear from you, comment or hit me up…i wanna know what you think) ill be busting out another mix soon…Anyways this weeks mix takes us back to some hard hitting progressive house, maybe even a lil trancy vibe…but the groove factor is off the charts no less. Have a great weekend my people and be safe..Cheers


Download Dirty Dancin’ Episode 13

Phat Swazy Podcast Site (Stream Audio)


  1. MYPD ft LIZ – You’re Not Alone
  2. YUL – N.Y.D. 2008
  3. Kaskade – ANgel of my Shoulder (EDX remix)
  4. 4Strings vs Glenn Morrison – Take me Away vs Circles
  5. Niki Belucci – Get Up (D.O.N.S. Meeting at the Salon Remix)
  6. Sebastien Leger – Bambou
  7. Deadmau5 – Will Fail
  8. Sebastien Leger & CHris LAke – Word
  9. Sydney Blu – Give it Up to me (2-In-One Remix – Original vs Deadmaus remix)

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