World’s Top(less) Female DJ…

Ive been scowering the web lately, for what I dont really know, but Ive been finding alot of hot tracks and really good up and coming dj’s and producers surface. One that has been making waves overseas but to my knowledge isnt really blown over here accross the pond. Her name is Niki Belluci, and she has been making headlines, and the front page of Magazines like FHM …mostly due to her spinning attire (usually topless). Now aside from all that glitter and wonderful stuff…her music has been turning the heads of some of the bigger names …Ive featured one of her guest spots on Radio FG (Thanks to as well as one of her singles called Get Up…enjoy

(Click her pics to check out her webpages)


Niki Belucci – Radio FG 12/29


Niki Belucci – Get up (Burnett & Cooper Remix)

Niki Belucci – Get Up (D.O.N.S Meeting at the Beauty Salon Mix)

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