NEW PHAT MIX – Oui J’aime Ca!! (36Minutes of Filth)

I woke up today and thought to myself….”I’m not putting a mix out this week. I’m tired, too busy i don’t even have any method to my madness (what i like to call my mix blueprint)” And so I spent the day assuming I wasn’t gonna put a mix out. Fast forward to about 45 minutes ago, I was talking to one of my home boys and I told him I wasn’t doing a mix…and when I said it, its like my inner Swazy kicked me and I got on that mix….finished in record time, I like it….hope you all enjoy it as well, Have a solid weekend and be safe…. Cheers


DOWNLOAD EPISODE 16 – 36 Minutes of FIlth

Phat Swazy Podcast Site



Lady Gaga – Just Dance ( HCCR’S Bambossa Remix)

Madonna – Into the Groove (Sidechains Remix)

DIM – It’s You (JFK Remix)

Don Rimini – Rave On

The Proxy – Dancing In The Dark

Machines Don’t Care – Afro Jacker

AC/DC – Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)

Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance (Crookers WOW Remix)

Kylie Minogue – Wow (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Usher – Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix) 

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