Were back from the dead….with a new Phat Mix baby

So I had a lil technical issue I had to clear up, Now that its all gravy its time to jump back into what I have this friggin site for…..shamelessly promoted mixes, comign from of course myself….Phat Swazy. A lil while ago I spoke about my new project I’m going to be launching soon called Bounce Radio….which is going to be my new online show, with mixes, guest spots, live streams…all hosted by myself..Keep your ears and eyes posted on this site cuz I’m going to have a pre-view of it real soon. 


Ministry Of Swazy
Ministry Of Swazy



Now to the good stuff, my latest attempt at immortality…my newest mix…Episode 17 in the Chronicles of Dirrty Dancin’. Titled: Ministry of Swazy this mix is a play on sounds with the Ministry of Sound. I’m not trying to cop their styles just show my version of how that compilation would be getting jiggy…You smell me? if not just listen….

Download Mix (Click Here)

Podcast Site for Streaming & Subscription



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