Dirrty Dancin Update + NEW HOUSE & HIP-HOP MIXES

So as Dirrty Dancin’ grows, I keep runnin out of space on my sites so all the new Dirrty Dancin Episodes, starting from this weeks epsiode (#26) will be on my original podcast page http://phatswazy.podomatic.com. Hopefully this goes as a smooth process and all my Phat phans will be bumping my new beats ….I will post the first 9 original episodes of Dirrty Dancin on the blog so that people who are new.

So heres the link for this weeks mix, which for the record is posted @ http://phatswazy.podomatic.com/   – Episode 26 – rhythm&Grooves (click to download)

For those who still tune into my other podcast (phatswazy1.podomatic.com) I put out a mini mix, including many links to the new home for Dirrty Dancing, so I hope this transition goes smoothly. 



Also my newest edition of the Hip-Hot Mix by P.Swazy is out, so cop it while its hot…

The Hip-Hot Mix by P.Swazy Vol. 3 (Click to download)

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