28 Beats Later – a Phat Swazy Mix

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What’s going on my Phat Phans, I woke up this morning with this mix on my mind. So when I sat down to get working on it, its only natural It took me my usual 3 takes to get it down (my mind was day dreaming). This weeks mix would be best described as Club/Progressive/House lol. That being said here’s the track list…

Track List:
1)Spencer & Hill – Housebeat
2)Luis Lopez ft Celia – You’ll Be Mine (D.O.N.S Remix)
3)Magnesia – Today (Bart B More Remix)
4)Morten Trust ft Ida Corr – I put my faithin you (Dirty Freqs mix)
5)Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight (Monto Blanco Club Mix)
6)Richard Grey & Erick Morillio – Life Goes On (RG 2008 mix)
7)Ron Carroll – Bump to This (Bart B More & Bingo Players Remix)
8)Royal Freakz – Be My Lover 2009
9)Robbie Rivera ft Laura Vane – In Too Deep (EDX remix)

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