Revenge is a mix best served hot as hell

What’s going on House-hoppers, it’s been a really busy week here @ Bounce Radio, I’m just getting ready for the weekend – seems like the weekends almost never end. So as the end of the week rolls in, so does my brand spanking new Dirrty Dancin’ mix – episode 49 Revenge of the Synth (pt 2). This weeks mix is sort of a hodge podge of styles, starting with House, with some really huge new releases; then I roll into some electro house, and end it off with some straight up electro.I hope you enjoy this one, I’m gonna try to work on something extra special for my 50th episode next wee. Till then have a great weekend, be safe and don’t drink and drive people….this is the fresh Prince of House music signing off.

DOWNLOAD: Dirrty Dancin’ – Episode 49 – Revenge of the Synth pt2 (MP3)

Go to my podcast page where you can listen and download all my mixes

PODCAST PAGE (Stream & Download mixes)

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