Tuesday Tracks

Ahhhhhh another Monday is done with so with that is a couple of tracks to tickle your audible pallet. First is a nice lil remix of Flo Rida’s new single Sugar by Disco Fries my fave track of the post, then we have a new single from new up and coming producer coming out of house heaven Sweden – Sandro Monte and then finally Chris Moodys take on Richard Grey’s rework of One more time and Dj Rum bootleg of Dirty Souths club anthem let it go…..enjoy it people (and does it seem odd to anyone else that the picture says toonie tuesday yet it hasnt been a toonie since the introduction of the toonie….)

Flo-Rida – Sugar (Disco Fries Remix) (Banger)

Sandro Monte – Era (Original Mix) {decent single from up and coming producer Sandro Monte – visit his Myspace page here

Dirty South vs Dj Rum – Let it Take off (Dj rum bootleg)

Richard Grey – One More Time ( Chris Moody Remix)

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