Cafe Del sWaZy

After emerging from my party induced weekend daze, I put some pieces together from my weekend. One of the highlights from the Klaas show was him playing this remix of one of my all time fave chillout house anthems “Cafe Del Mar” now up until then I was content with the Deadmau5 remix…but upon hearing a killer remix on Sunday night I just had to have it….A couple of google searches later and I proudly present to the good people  – Cafe Del First Time

Energy 52 vs Offer Nissim Feat. Maya – Cafe Del First Time (Dabruck & Klein vs Jaxx Bootleg)

Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar (Deadmau5 Remix)

A lil extra that I found while searching for this remix….It’s a bootleg of the Looney Tunes song….have some fun with it

Ben Shmuel – Looney Tunes (Electro Mix)

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