In the begining, they were Swedish


If you follow anything on this blog, you would notice that I have a growing facination with the members of the Swedish House Mafia, in particular Mr Angello, dude has been on my playlists for awhile now. It donned upon me that I dont even remember the first time I heard Steve Angello on a record, so I got to googling. Turns out his first break in the record scene came about 5 years ago as he released a song with fellow Swedish House Mafia member Eric Prydz titled “Woz Not Woz”. I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the dub version of it… It’s a solid beat, expect it in a Dirrty Dancin mix…

Eric Prydz And Steve Angello – Woz Not Woz (Dub Mix)

BONUS: Just to show you the impact that electro music is having on popular culture, America’s Best Dance crew has used electro artists in their commercials before, last season used Justice, now Fake Blood gets thrust into the spotlight with his remix of the South Ruckas Crew’s Mad Again. It’s this weeks sWaZy choice tune..

South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)

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