I said Dj Turn the music up…..

What’s happening, another mid-week booster for ya…

Up first is a track that to be honest I wasn’t feeling, and still isn’t (at least when it comes to the original) – But fast forward to last night when I got my hands on the Bird Peterson remix and everything changed. It’s that energy that the original shoulda put through…

Three 6 MAfia ft Tiesto, Flor-Rida & Sean Kingston – Feel It (Bird Peterson Remix)

Next up are a couple tracks that I had lying around, pretty decent for filler in a set or just jamming around… part 2 of my Top 10 EDM of 2010 coming soon. ..

Player & Remady – No Superstar (Mr. P!nk Remix)

Player & Remady- No Superstar (Double K Vip Electro Mix)

Oliver Twizt – Gangsterdam (Angger Dimas Remix) (CLUB BANGER!!!)

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