Electro Mariah & Nelly and Tiesto don`t wanna be alone…

Mariah Carey has been a huge name in pop/r&b music for years… Fact is she is one of the top female artists in the game – Period. Does this make me enjoy her music? Not exactly – But I do respect what she has done for her game… One great thing that has come along with the blow up of EDM is the fact that almost every artist is up for remixing.

Chew Fu Phat (feeling that name lol) has been knocking out some really epic remixes lately, the two that have caught my attention are his remix of Bar Romance (from Lady Gaga) and his latest of Mariah Carey’s H.A.T.E. U … I’ve heard the original and this remix is just hot.. check it out

Mariah Carey – H.A.T.E.U. ( Chew Fu Hatin Mix )

After this I got a couple of new tracks, check em out…

Ferry Corsten pres System F – Out_of_the_Blue_2010_(hi_tack_extended_mix)

Tiesto_ft_Nelly_Furtado – Who_Wants_to_be_Alone_(David_Tort_remix)

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