Dj Etiquette

Well with so many blogs, posting so many songs… it leaves some one to question, aside from ammunition; where will we find other useful things to help djs/producers move up in the ranks in their respective cities?

I found this article online last night randomly and I personally found it quite informative and helpful for myself so Im gonna share it here… it’s an article on what to do, and not to do when it comes to nightclub djing. Very recomended to new dj’s as well as old, something to learn in this one.

“There are many ways to leave a bad impression in the club and just a few ways to leave a good one so the best policy is to keep your profile low and professionalism high. Even in the biggest of cities, the nightlife scene can be small and full of gossip so keep your reputation clean by treating all the people listed above even better than you would hope to be treated by them.”

Dj Tech-Tools – Dj Etiquette Article (Click here to read the article)


on the flip side there is a second part to this (sorta) which talks about picking up chicks in the club, while not as informative as the article on etiquette it does explore some ways to also spread your name.

Dj Tech-Tools – Chick Magnet (Click here to read article)

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