Wednesday Re-Up (much much needed)

Well it’s midweek in the last full week of March, where does the time go?

There is a slew of huge huge anthems popping out and quite honestly to post them all would take me forever, so im goign thru all the hottest jams I’ve recieved this week and post what I find to be the tightest james… Until then enjoy this article on Mixing in Key… really inciteful … Enjoy

Click Here to read: TO KEY OR NOT TO KEY

‘Some DJs do it all the time, while others do it only occasionally. Some DJs never do it and have no intention of doing it. We could be talking about hooking up with groupies, but in this case, we’re talking about mixing in key — also known as harmonic mixing. This is not an article on how to mix in key, but rather about key mixing in the real world of the professional DJ. We look at the advantages, disadvantages and downright pitfalls of attempting to mix for an extended period of time harmonically in key. Read on to find out how those keys can affect your performance when playing to a live audience, for example, in some instances they can make you sound awesome but sometimes they can backfire horribly.’

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