Laidback Dirty talk… *EXCLUSIVE*

A couple of months ago I first posted this single produced by Mr. Guetta. To me it was a bit poppy but it did well when I would drop it live, especially when blending from hip-hop based tracks into house. This remix isn’t epic in my opinion but it’s alot better for rocking a crowd than the original, that being said I’ll let you soak it up and judge for yourself.

David Guetta ft Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix)

One thought on “Laidback Dirty talk… *EXCLUSIVE*

  1. David Guetta’s one love is the best one.
    Let’s start by saying I own a large collection of dance music albums and this one is the only one I can say I listen too from start to finish EVERY time. I don’t need to mix in other songs or take even one song out as the whole cd vibes and gels like nothing else. From the first anthem with Kelly Rowland all the way through it will make you move and shake. David has very much out done himself bridging the divide of hip hop and house music. I am so very happy that he is moving dance music mainstream again!

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