Leaders of the New School: Cherry Cola, Montreal`s finest

If you live in or around Montreal, and you consider yourself to be into the EDM (electronic dance music) scene, then you will have come across a Dj that sticks out … in a good way. His name is Cherry Cola, but his friends just call him Dany. I first came across this guy through the83’s a couple years ago, and I had the pleasure of opening up for him when we celebrated the brains behind the 83’s Phizzle’s birthday last summer. It was a night where I got to see how a Dj could break out the ‘guy playing the music’ mold, and be more than just that guy.

I recently got him off his CDJ’s to sit down and answer some questions in this Bounce Radio / The 83’s exclusive interview.. Enjoy


Class is now in session:

  • First off thanks for taking the time to do this with us, since your a very busy man. How has the FUK U LATER @ Jupiter Room been going for you ?

Well the whole team is really surprised on how good the night have been so far…  We have our little crowd who comes every week…    We are really happy about this night 🙂

  • I’ve heard a couple of special Cherry Cola bootlegs, any plans to go deeper into production? or are you focussing on Dj’ing for the time being?

There will always be bootlegs …  But i’m thinking about managing a new artist …  TBA Later

  • With the rise in popularity in EDM (Electronic Dance Music), How do you distance yourself creativly from the new dj’s who are riding the popularity ?

My presence on stage, I think, is unique

  • You are arguably one of the hottest Dj’s on the scene in Montreal right now, What piece of advice would you give an aspiring Dj or Producer who is trying to establish themselves ?

  • Like kiss said…  Keep It Simple Stupid

  • Tell us what Cherry Cola has planned for the summer.

Fuk U Later Night is going on every saturday night @ Jupiter Room,  And different showcases here and there !

  • What songs are getting some serious air play in your mp3 player right now?

Late Of The Pier – Best In Class (Soulwax Remix)
Jamie Lidell – Telephone (Tiga Remix)
Duchess Says – Black Flag (Emperor Machine Remix)
ZZT – Zzafrica

  • What kind of equipment are you using for your live sets? What about production?

2 CDJ-1000 MK3 + 1 Mixer DJM-800

  • What is your favorite aspect of performing live?

The response of the crowd is always amazing…  I like the kids u know 🙂

Here’s some video of Dj Cherry Cola in Action, and below is his links… Cheers !

M. Dany Patrice Valade
DJ Cherry COLA


Email : Djcherrycola@hotmail.com

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