Leaders of the New School: Fred Lilla

I met Fred Lilla through my man with the plan ImanoS in 2009, I heard the then unreleased club sizzler ‘Be Loved’ and was curious about who was beside Imanos on it. Fast forward to mid 2010 and this guy is pushing his name into iPods/MP3 players and about everything else that can play music. He is a young talent but his music has a sound that has soul and lot of character. Bounce Radio had the opportunity to ask Fred some questions for this exclusive interview for the Leaders of the New School.

Now sit back and take some time to get to know Mr Lilla…

Bounce Radio: First off, How does it feel to be generating so much momentum at such a young age?
Fred Lilla: It really feels amazing ! But I try to keep my feet on the ground because I’ll always have to progress.
Bounce Radio: What got you into production? What kinda music inspires you?
Fred Lilla: At first, my brother and I had bought ourselves crappy turntables. We used to have fun on them, but nothing serious, when one day, my brother played house music on them. I did the same thing and was quickly attracted by the idea of making my own music. I don’t really have any precise inspirations when I make music, I try to make something I like and that rocks.
Bounce Radio: What songs are in your top rotation right now? (favorite new anthems… what songs are good in your set etc)
Fred Lilla: My top10 today would be :
1/John De Sohn – Unleash My Love
2/ SHM – One
3/ Avicii, Doray, Cost – Tweet it
4/ Ciciada – One Beat Away (Max Vangeli Remix)
5/ Junior, iTod & J.J Feat MissuM – I Can Lead Your Mind (Fred Lilla Remix)
6/ Swanky Tunes – Rave-O-Phonic (David Tort Rework)
7/ Sebjak – Shock
8/ Filip Le Frick – Feel The Rythm
9/ Dim Chris – Sometimes (Johan Wedel Remix)
10/ Axwell – Nothing but love for you
Bounce Radio: Defiantly some huge summer bangers in that list. Your first single (with ImanoS) ‘Be Loved’ has been recieved quite well on Beatport as well as in clubs around the world & your new remix of ‘Thango’ was just released. What do you have lined up to follow these two epic anthems?
Fred Lilla: My track « Shohoye » was released not long ago, I’ve got an upcoming remix with a groupe of swedish guys and collab with Pierce Fulton should be out for the summer.
Bounce Radio: Coming from one of the biggest House Music hot spots in the world – What sets Fred Lilla apart from the other producers?
Fred Lilla: Maybe my age, maybe my originality, I don’t really know. You tell me !
Bounce Radio: Well other than the age we could point out your unique melodies, What Kind of equipment are you currently using for production ? / What about Dj’ing (LIVE)?
Fred Lilla: My equipment for making music is very basic : an iMac, Logic, a Korg K25 and an Ecler ECH602. For DJing, I use the usual CDJ1000 MK3 and an Ecler Evo4
Bounce Radio: Tell us (Canada) where we can stay up to date on new Music, updates and tours ?
Fred Lilla: Everything’s on my myspace (www.myspace.com/djfredlilla) and my soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/fredlilla). You can also add me on Facebook.
Bounce Radio: Anything else you would like to add Fred?
Fred Lilla: I’d like to really thank everyone who likes and supports what I do. I love you guys ! Peace


Wanna hear more? Check out these links to listen to a decent selection of choice Lilla tunes… Support this young cat…

Fred Lilla – Chillin’


Fred Lilla – Pure (Preview)





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