Freaky Friday: Chuckie, Adam K & more

What’s going on everyone, I hope you all enjoyed my exclusive sit down with ImanoS, if you haven’t checked it out yet then please go here. Moving onto the weekend once again and Bounce Radio has some exclusive stuff, including Chuckie’s latest remix, and Adam K’s latest jam. Also as a bonus to all the fans of Bounce Radio, im releasing two new versions of my remix of Morgna Page’s single ‘Fight For You’… Enjoy !

3OH!3 Feat. Ke$ha – First Kiss (Chuckie Remix Extended)

Yolanda Be Cool %26 DCup – We No Speak Americano (Alvaro Rework)

Adam K feat. King Sunshine – My Love (Original Mix)


Morgan Page – Fight For You (sWaZy’s Xtended Remode)

Morgan Page -Fight For You (sWaZy’s dub with luv)

The original can be heard and downloaded from my Soundcloud

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