Leaders of the New School: Pierce Fulton

This one has been in the works for a lil while now, but Bounce Radio (in collaboration with House Essential’s) bring to you another blockbuster interview: this time up – Pierce Fulton. Coming to the world from Vermont, Pierce has wasted no time getting his hands on the EDM scene, with collaborations with Fred Lilla and Jesper Cederlind. Time to sit back, and get to know another fresh face to the Electronic Dance Scene… Enjoy

Bounce Radio: Hey Pierce, first off we wanna thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions. For all the bloggers out there who may not know who you are, and what your about Pierce, why don’t you introduce yourself quickly.

Pierce Fulton: Hey! Not a problem at all man, always a pleasure doing interviews.

I’m from a small town in Vermont, USA a few hours north of NYC. Music started very early for me, probably around 4 or 5, with playing the guitar. I eventually moved on to teaching myself how to play drums and piano and I played trombone in my school’s concert band. My interests in electronic music started in early 2009, just making small beats on a laptop but my involvement with house music began in the late summer of last year.

Bounce Radio: Your next single with the Swiss producer, Fred Lilla, ‘Up & Away’ is set to drop on July 23rd. How did you and Fred come together to work on this progressive banger?

Pierce Fulton: Well we had been friends on Facebook and I think one day I sent him a mix of all my unreleased material and he liked a few of the tunes I was working on. We actually started another track together but it kind of died away and then I had this project titled “Just Another Thursday” on my computer and I decided to send it to him. He loved the idea and wanted to work on it with me but there was one thing…the name sounded so depressing and it is a very cheerful song haha. We brainstormed one day for a while and thought “Up & Away” was the most suitable. We worked online, sending compressed logic files back and forth and actually finished the entire song pretty quickly. It’s really cool because I actually got to meet up with Fred in NYC a few weeks ago and we even started a track in the kitchen at my brother’s apartment.

Bounce Radio: With you and Fred both coming into the music scene at young ages, How does it feel to be making an impact so soon?

Pierce Fulton: It is so cool to be involved so young and it’s especially cool to be friends with all of the other up-and-coming producers like Fred and some others like Shane Silver, Johan Eriksson, Jesper Cederlind, Imanos, and Frederik Van Hooft. I still have a lot more work to do but for now, I really appreciate the few people who sit down and listen to my music.

Bounce Radio: Where do you draw your inspiration to make new, fresh and exciting music? Tell us some of the people or groups that inspire or have led to inspire some of your music.

Pierce Fulton: A lot of things like cutting the lawn or going on a run with my dog Harry give me inspiration but also picking up my guitar or playing other instruments give me ideas. People who really inspire me are the producers that are just making it big like Jeremy Olander, Max Vangeli, and Mikael Weermets.

Bounce Radio: Ok, tech dweeb time, What does your Studio look like? Tell us what you are using, so far most people have been using simple setups with PHAT samples, What does Pierce have up his sleeve?

Pierce Fulton:  My studio…Is in my bedroom HA. But it’s pretty simple: a new Macbook Pro running Logic and an iMac desktop running Ableton. I’ve used a bunch of the current leading DAW’s (FL, Reason, Sonar, Ableton, ect…) and Logic blows them all out of the water so that’s my primary program. I have two KRK VXT 4 monitors running through an M-Audio interface (borrowing…still need to buy my own) and I use both the Monster Beats by Dre Studio and Sennheiser HD 25-ii for headphones. And for plug-ins, my current favorites are Sylenth1, Nexus, and FM8.

Bounce Radio: I’m just going to assume that you have seen the video for the new Swedish House Mafia single ‘One (Your Name)’. This being assumed, what do you think of the new OP-1 from Teenage Engineering? It’s got the industry in a buzz, what say you?

Pierce Fulton: I think it’s a cool device and I guess from what I know of it, you can manipulate samples and sounds in the most insane ways. If I had one, I would never be able to make a tune because I would end up playing with it, making the most ridiculous noises and laughing my ass off. I don’t think I would buy one though…just a toy to play with 🙂

Bounce Radio: Ok ok tech dweeb time is over, back to the real important stuff. What kinda equipment are you rocking for live shows? and where would you consider your “dream Venue”?

Pierce Fulton: My live shows are interesting. Seeing that I live in a small town in New England where EDM is non-existent, for a gig i have to bring EVERYTHING. I use Pioneer CDJ 200’s with a DJM 700, Sennheiser HD 25 ii’s and just CD’s because I hate the contemporary “computer DJ” who just has his face on the screen all night. But for a show, I pack my car up with two Behringer live loudspeakers and subs and two power amps (by the way, my car is a small VW Jetta so fitting this all in is literally a Tetris game) with my mixing equipment and lights and whatnot. Gigs are fun around here but it just sucks having to haul everything around. My dream gig…most definitely the Mambo+Pacha Ibiza combo, would kill for that.

Bounce Radio: EDM has been on a steady climb out of the underground for a while now… With further acceptance from Radio, TV and of course the Net. One of the things that I feel has been helping the Electronica movement is the growing number of blogs online. What kinda impact do you think the blog scene has on the EDM culture, do you think it helps grow the music or takes away from the artists?

Pierce Fulton: I think the blog scene has gotten artists and EDM itself where it is now. Blogs are the easiest way to connect fans, DJ’s, producers, labels, press, and literally everyone together. Without blogs, the few people who know who I am, wouldn’t know who I am. Blogs really do help this scene grow and will continue to do so.

Bounce Radio: So with ‘Up & Away’ dropping on July 23rd, What’s next for PF?

Pierce Fulton: Well I just had another remix release on Fever Sounds Records a few weeks ago but next…I have an original EP “Down” with remixes from another (amazing) young-gun producer Shane Silver and Supermoto. I have a ton of unsigned original work and a few remixes here and there. I promise I’ll have previews soon 🙂

Bounce Radio: Lastly, Where can the Bounce Radio peeps, and the rest of Canada stay up to date with your music / career? (links to your sites and whatnot shameless plug area)

Pierce Fulton: I’m constantly active on my Facebook and Twitter pages and I also post all of my music on my Soundcloud page. Other than that, check out my blog House Essentials as well.


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