Leaders of the New School: Edoardo Hähnel

What’s going on everyone,

time for the latest installation of Leader of the New School, this month we are featuring another young up & comign producer/dj by the name of Edoardo Hahnel. This kid is only 15 yrs old and is pumping out big tunes. Hailing from the House nation of Sweden .. This kid has a bright future… Now time to get to know this young wonder…

DOWNLOAD: Edoardo Hahnel – Take Control

Bounce Radio: First off, introduce yourself to the Bounce Radio world?

EH: Hello Bounce Radio! Its just a pleasure to be in your interview.

I am from a pretty small town called Djursholm 30 Minutes from the Swedish Capital Stockholm. Half of my family is from Italy and the other half is from Sweden so I am both sides. I started loving Music early in my life because music has always been important in my family. I have been Producing Music for 1 year now and began with the Software Fl Studio. Fl Studio was very good but I wanted to do more and to give more so I switched to Propellerheads Reason 4. When I began making music with Reason 4 i just couldn´t stop and from then on I am working in my studio at least 2-3 hours everyday.

Bounce Radio: What got you into Electronic music at such a young age?

EH: When I only was 14 years old the Electronic music came in my life . We had a School Project and we where supposed to do a club beat and a little melody. After that touch to the Electronic music I got interested and started to think of producing my own stuff. I bought Fl Studio and started to make my own music.

Bounce Radio: Who are some of your biggest influences in making music?

EH: My first artists I began to listen to was the big Erick Morillo,Deadmau5 and Carl Cox. They gave me another vision of house music and I got alot of my inspiration and my themes from them. But it was not just professionals or famous people who gave me influence, my grandpha gave me alot. Bertil Hahnel played Jazz music and was the director of Stockholms biggest Music School. He is always in my back and he was for sure my biggest influence.

Bounce Radio: What are some things you would like to accomplish?

EH: I work alot and have pretty high goals for the future I hope to reach.
In 10 years or less I would like to be a very good producer and Dj. In the future I want to inspire people and show them my love to music togheter with them. Now a days there are so many DJs and Producers out there so its much more hard to be special and to be discovered then 15 years ago but its just to work hard and everything is going to be fine, of course you need to have the music in your blood but if you work hard and take it serious people are going to take you for serious.

Bounce Radio: What kind of eqipement do you use to produce & dj?

EH: My Studio is pretty simple but after Christmas i’m going to upgrade it. I use a HP Pavilion Dv6 Laptop with Reason. Then I have a NOV-REMOTE61SL Piano that is very good because it has a small drum pad that is comfotable to have on the piano. As speakers I have Fostex speakers that are perfect for a Studio.
I also a Dj set with 4 Cd-Players and one Mixer.
DJ-SET: Two Pioneer Cdjs 900, Two Citronic Mpcd-s6 and a Pioneer Djm-800.
Bounce Radio: Tell the world where we can hear more of your material

EH: My Internet/computer technician Victor Bishti is now creating a Web site for me and It will be out soon as possible ( I really recommend him to everybody if you want a personal made website). On the website you are going to hear my tracks, see a lot of information about me and some other good stuff. I always Release my tracks on Soundcloud and im going to continue with it because its a very good way of sharing your tracks to the world.

LINKS: http://soundcloud.com/user3682904

CONTACT: Edoardo.hahnel@hotmail.se

4 thoughts on “Leaders of the New School: Edoardo Hähnel

  1. Wow , are you 15 ?? Its a very high quality in your music and i can promise you that you are going to succes if you just keep working hard and like you wrote take it serious!!

    Good work Edoardo hahnel!

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