Hercules DJ Console 4-MX

Well well well, we have a new 4 deck controller on the market…

Hercules, proud to say they make quality products as my dj console rmx has been thru many a party in it’s couple of years of use, are ready to give it a new look – and name. The all new Dj Console 4-Mx is ready to ship and has gathered a bit of attention with its high raised jog wheels, that are noticeably larger than the jog wheels on my Console RMX.

On closer in spection the midi controller is ready for 4 deck mixing, although it does lack the 4 channel volume controls, which could prove to be worrysome as the night could continue. The Dj just changes the deck control on either side to access the 3-4 decks. Since Vitrual DJ7 is ready to mix up to 99 decks simultaniously (in theory) it will be a welcome fit to the new 4 deck configuration.

Check out the specs:


Key features

  • Metal chassis
  • comes with Virtual dj LE
  • 4.7″ jog-wheels with CDJ style action
  • switchable to control decks C and D in 4 deck software
  • 2 Channels of sound input
  • 2 Pairs of RCA connectors
  • 2 Pairs of 1.4″ connectors
  • A ground lift switch on jack outputs 1-2, to protect the sound in the event of a ground loop.
  • Headphone output is the same as output 3/4
  • talk over mode on the mic input


  • Manufacturer: Hercules
  • Product Name: Dj Console 4-Mx
  • Size: 15.75” x 9.8” in size
  • Price: $449.99(UK SRP £399.99)
  • Available: November 22nd

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