Virtual DJ 7 @ BPM

Well with the juggernauts of the DJ softwares: Traktor Pro & Serato getting major updates via the new S4 Traktor software as well as the new Bridge software coming to Serato 4 full compatibility with Ableton Live, not much has been said about the ‘underdog’ and my personal choice for spinnin’ Virtual DJ. They haven’t done much since in terms of advances, that is until now… Virtual DJ7 was demoed at BPM and we have video of it being wielded via 4 Pioneer CDJs. If you haven’t heard about it, the new 7 software has the ability to run up to 99 decks at once…if one were to try something that retarded. Imagine controlling a host of diff controllers/CDJ opens the ability for guest dj’s to come and join in and mix, assuming the software runs well, we shall see…

Here’s some pics


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