Leaders of the New School: Aki Nair

Welcome to the Leaders of the New School: This month we have another emerging artist out of the West Coast of Canada – Aki Nair. This blog has already featured a couple of great up and coming artists from Vancouver: Imanos & SKLA who are both on their way to making their impact on the EDM community. Now another son of the West comes to Bounce Radio, and we have the exclusive:

Download: Steve Angello  -Knas (Aki Nair Edit)

Bounce Radio: Ok, for all of us on the East Coast (across the pond as well) why don’t you mention a little about yourself so all the readers can get better acquainted .

Aki Nair: Well, my name is Aki Nair. I’m was born in Vancouver, B.C and still currently living there. I started dj’ing when I was about 17. I’ve always had a passion for music, and always have been involved in it. Currently im a resident for Blueprint in Vancouver B.C.

Bounce Radio: How would you describe your style in comparison to a DJ, who would it be?

Aki Nair: It’s hard to say, i really enjoy playing everything. I love to play with a lot of energy. I play everything from Warp, to Bromance. I guess the best relation would be Laidback Luke, or Chuckie their sets are so versatile and filled with so much energy.

Bounce Radio: I first heard about you from another one of the Leaders of the New School, SKLA spotlighted one of your tracks. What’s it like coming up in the Vancouver / BC Electronic Dance Music scene?

Aki Nair: I started playing fairly young, and always loved music. Going to big shows like Dirty South, Steve Angello, The Bloody Beetroots, and Laidback luke were a few of the inspirations that made me love the music. A few years back only the very BIG names like Tiesto, and Benny Benassi were known in Vancouver. And it was all classified as “techno”. Now, Vancouver’s on the rise for House, electro and dance music. There’s a lot more people who follow and love the music, so everyone’s catching on. It’s a good feeling to constantly see new faces and more excited fans at your gigs.

Bounce Radio: Your latest remix, an edit of Steve Angello’s huge smash KNAS – has been well received since you released it. What was your mindset behind this beast?

Aki Nair: I have always been a fan of Steve Angello, and when i first heard of Knas I was hooked. I wanted to incorporate an old school classic with a new school banger! I’ve been getting good feedback, so i’m fairly pleased.

Bounce Radio: Where can people catch you live?

Aki Nair: I’m a resident DJ for Blueprint at the moment, so i will likely be playing at venues such as, Celebrities Night Club, Venue, Ginger 62, and Caprice. Blueprint have been bringing through the biggest names in electronic music as well as showcasing new and exciting talent, it is the industry leader in Western Canada’s electronic dance music scene.

Bounce Radio: You opened for AN21, who is quickly following in his older brother’s footsteps, What was that like ?

Aki Nair: Haha well, unfortunately i didn’t have a chance to play with him. He got sick on the day of the show and wasn’t able to make the gig. Nevertheless, we still had a strong turn out for the openers/residents and it was good night.

Bounce Radio: What is in the works as far as production is concerned? Give us a lil sneak peek

Aki Nair: Currently i’m trying everything, all different types of music intrigue me. But i have 3 tracks currently in progress with a friend from London. The first track is inspired by the sounds of Chuckie and Afrojack, the second is influenced by Sebastian Ingrosso’s track (Get it back), and the last track im working on is targeted more to melodic house, Avicii style.

Bounce Radio: And what about in the studio, What are you using?

Aki Nair: Currently I work out of my home studio, and im using Logic Pro

Bounce Radio: Tell the good people where we can all keep up to date with all your up coming shows, music and other updates:

You can find my page on Facebook: Aki Nair


You can listen to my tracks at Soundcloud:


And you can follow me twitter, i’ll be posting my upcoming shows, tracks, etc.


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