Ailius Nöwnas…from parts unknown, with a big sound

Thought we could switch up from the normal Big Room / Prog theme of thise blog and put a lil spotlight on Ailius Nöwnas..

With a Trance / Electro theme to his 4 tracks that are up on soundcloud so far.. this is deffinetily a switch up from the normal… 2 Songs are available as free downloads and his latest, a remix of Above & Beyond’s hit ‘Sun & Moon’ will be available as  a free download when it hit’s 100 plays (bout 20 plays as of this writing..). Check out his links!/AiliusNwnas


Above and Beyond – Sun & Moon (Ailius Nöwnas Remix)

Andrew Spencer vs. The Cranberries – ZOMBIE (Ailius Nöwnas Remix)


FUCKEDUP! – Shadows  (Ailius Nöwnas Remode)

deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder (Ailius Nöwnas Remix)

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