Leaders of the New School Q&A: Dj’s From Mars +10

A couple weeks ago the Martian Dynamic Dj Duo: The Dj’s From Mars released a plethora of Bootlegs & Mash-ups with their release of Bootfella’s vol2(Click to check out our coverage of it). It wasn’t much longer after listening to the Bootleg Pack that I contacted the martian Disk Jockeys about getting together for a lil Q & A. Thanks to NASA and other fine space agencies, Here is what we got…

1) First off thank you for taking the time to travel cross the galaxy for us. Give us your early observations of earths club scene?
  • Hi and thanks to you for gettin in touch!!, Well, club scene on Earth is pretty sparkling at the moment, Djs are real superstars in the last years and clubs and festivals are growin bigger and bigger….that’s the reason we left Mars LOL 🙂
2) You guys have been quite busy as of late, your latest single ‘Insane (In da Brain) ft Fragma ‘ was recently released alongside a remix contest… How is it like to be judging a contest where artists all over the world are remixing something you guys created in the studio?
  • It’s great cause it’s what we usually do…we take existing tracks and try to add some alien flavour….so it was pretty cool to hear how many ways there are to feel a track made by us….we received remixes in very different styles, from dubstep to electro to progressive to handsup to bossanova (!!!) that’s the great thing in music today, barriers are being crossed every day and internet is a great creativity tool!
3) As if the new.single and contest wasn’t enough for you guys, you dropped a HUGE remix / bootleg pack a couple weeks ago. I recognized a couple of bootlegs of there like the shm / gaga rmx from 2011, how long did it take you to compile this masterpiece of bootlegs ?
  • Thanks for the nice words 🙂 well sometimes u may need 2 or 3 weeks to finish a track, sometimes in 5 hours it’s ready…it depends on the feeling of the moment, on the inspiration u have on that track and on how many cans of RedBull u have left in the studio 🙂 
4) Moreover, what didn’t make the cut 😉
  • LOL

5) I’m sure there are tons of fans and upcoming talents dying to know what do the DJs from mars use for production? Any special gadgets? anything special in your dj bags ?

  • We produce everything with Cubase…it’s a complete tool which lets u work without even thinking about the software….u just create and let urself go into the music…..this should be the main point for every software: if u spend too much time on “computer stuff” then it means u’re losing your focus on what you are REALLY doin, which is music 🙂 – btw we also use tons of plugs which are fully integrated with cubase so we never get bored 🙂
6) Ok, I really gotta know, who designs your helmets ?
  • they’re made by ourselves!

7) What cities have you enjoyed spinning your crop circles the most?

  • Hahaha, well we left a huge crop circle in Atlantic City last year while opening for Tiesto at Taj Mahal Arena…that was MASSIVE….but every gig has its own place in our alien hearts….last year we traveled a lot and we had the chance to visit such places as Australia, China, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, Greece, Spain, and the list can continue…..it’s great cause probably we’d never had the chance to be there if we had an ordinary job…now we are lookin forward for next year’s gigs!!
8) What’s up next for the DJs from Mars ? Ep / single / mix or podcast
  • We are working on several remixes and bootlegs and podcasts as usual, but in 2012 we’d like to focus on our own productions….that could be the next step for us, but we like to be carried by events, so who knows?

9) Where can your earth fans stay up to date with the DJs from Mars via Interweb ?

  • the most updated page is our Facebook www.facebook.com/djsfrommars
  • we love it cause we can post there pics or thoughts even while travelling, so we are almost 24/7 there…if u are into Twitter, no worries, it’s synced to our Facebook LOL 🙂
10) Add Anything here you want to, shameless info, links, whatever…
  • just stay tuned and be prepared to have a SLAMMIN 2012 – peace, DJSFM 

**BONUS: Here are some of my Favorite Bootlegs form Bootfella’s vol 2 – 











Tristan Garner Mini Q&A (via Nighttunes)

Last night, I had the privilege of sitting down (via the interweb & Nighttunes) with Tristan Garner. In the little time I had to shoot some Questions at him I saw something I havent seen in many artists who have hit the spotlight running… Tristan Garner seemed to have a pretty good understanding of the whole deal and was a really chill, down to earth guy. It is refreshing to see this is a guy who is literally traveling the world, doing what alot f us would kill to do, play music for the enjoyment of others… and not letting it all get to his head…

Question BR: What would you say is the most important step you took for your career in terms of being Full Time (producer/djing) ?

Answer TG: I failed my swedish exams, and i’ve decided to take one year off to focus on my music. That was the best decision ever LOL

Question BR:Do you like the idea of MIDI controllers entering the DJ market or do you think its only reserved for things like CDJ’s?

Answer TG:  love this idea and i’m planning to work on a new live show with midi controlled guitar + hardwares… stay tuned

Question: What is your favorite drink ?

Answer TG: Mojitooooo !!

Question : Do you drink alcohol on Stage ?

Answer TG: I try to stay clean on stage, and i’m so into my tricks most of time i don’t have time to drink !

Question: Do you have hearing loss because of your job?

Answer TG: Yeah on my left ear !! Protect your ears guys !

Question: Any Plans on returning to Montreal ?

Answer TG: I do a west canada tour in 2 weeks.. not sure about Montreal but i’d love to be back and rock the clubs !


Thanks to Nighttunes for hooking up the Chat and Info, Check out their blog, the best House Blog online..period 

Leaders of the New School: ImanoS

Leaders of the New School have been at work lining up more interviews for you guys… and boy oh boy do we have a big one tonight !!

From the sunny streets of Vancouver, BC  – Emerging producer/dj Juice Somani aka ImanoS has answered some questions that I had to get off my chest. I consider ImanoS to be one of the hottest commodities that Canada has to offer in the EDM scene and I consdier him a friend, he’s helped me alot on my votage into the sound.

Enjoy the Q&A


Bounce Radio:  First off thank you for taking some time off your busy schedule to take some time to sit with us. Your first single ‘Be Loved’ has received a lot of support and love across the globe, how has it changed things for ImanoS

ImanoS: Hey thanks it’s no problem! I think it’s changed things in the sense that more folks are aware of who I am and are interested in seeing/hearing more from me. It’s also helped a lot in terms of gaining recognition from artists I respect dearly and helped me build relationships with djs/producers/fans who have contacted me after hearing the track.

Bounce Radio: Your music has a very distinct sound to it, Is that something you try to add to each song you produce or is it something that has just fell into place as your learning curve continues?

ImanoS:  It’s more of a natural thing. I enjoy sampling a lot as a lot of my favorite producers are doing interesting things with samples so that may be one aspect of it. The music you create will probably sound similar to the stuff you listen to and admire yourself eventually.

Bounce Radio: You recently had a gig at PACHA in the UK. Explain the feeling of playing at a venue like that?

ImanoS: Absolutely unreal! Just a really fun time..I had a few friends travel in to be there for that night and we just had a blast. Playing big clubs like Pacha especially when it’s nice and packed is one of the best moments a DJ could ever experience.

Bounce Radio: Your latest track “Look of Love” is a collaboration with the Swedish producer Mick Kastenholt, Tell us how you two put this banger together? Was it a back and forth edit (where you both work on parts and combine) or was it a full-time collab?

Imanos: I showed Mick and he liked it quite a bit, and we worked together in building it, but you can hear a lead that is a trademark sound of Mick’s in there. I really liked the outcome and have been able to play it out and it really wrecks the floor!

Bounce Radio:Your name is all over blogs on the net, many of which are including your name as one of the next rising stars in EDM, How does that make you feel knowing that others are not only enjoying the music you make; but are saying you could be the next big name?

Imanos: Well it’s very nice that people are listening to and enjoying my music and I am always pleased to see support from blogs and the online community. I don’t know about being the next “big name” haha. Who knows about that, but I am glad there is support! 🙂

Bounce Radio: Name your most favorite venue to date? What made it so special?

Imanos: I recently played at Spektrum a new club in Denmark with over a 1000 people there when I was playing and I just had a blast! The hospitality there was incredible and I met a lot of cool people, who I plan on keeping in touch with.

Bounce Radio: What would you consider to be your “Dream Gig”?

Imanos: Playing in a nice Beach club in Amsterdam, Space Miami during WMC, basically any nice spot on the beach is good for me!

Bounce Radio: What are you using for LIVE Dj Sets? & What about in the studio?

Imanos: I am using my AKAI APC 40 for live sets now and I love it! In my studio I have my laptop, AKAI MPK 49, my KRK monitors, my soundcard and that’s it! It’s a very basic setup, but I find it has been effective for me, and not too costly.

Bounce Radio: What’s up and coming for ImanoS? and Where can we stay up to date?

Imanos: I have remixes coming very soon for Used Records, Uncovered. Two massive originals on Italian label, Loudbit Records that I believe will be very big. One of them is “How We Do” and the other is “Poison” both of these are collaborations with Nunzi a production partner and close friend of mine in NYC. Another big collaboration project is an upcoming single with, Ton Def called “Evil Woman” which I think will be huge as well!

Look out for more stuff from good friends Mick Kastenholt, Fred Lilla, Oliver Meyer SKLA, Ton Def, Luis Sastre, Chris Lawyer, Shane Silver, Pierce Fulton!

You can stay up to date with me by following me on
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and look out for ImanoS.net coming very soon!

Best wishes from Sunny Vancouver! – ImanoS